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In the Philippines, the Social Security System (SSS) is a state-run social insurance programme for workers in the private, professional, and informal sectors. The Social Security Administration was founded by Republic Act No. 1161, often known as the Social Security Act of 1954.

Since January 3, 2021, the SSS has been accepting applications for rank and file and executive vacancies as approved by the President and CEO and heads of relevant offices until January 12, 2022.

Rank and File Plantilla Vacant Positions with Monthly Salary

  • Policy and Governance Specialist II (Php 60,673 per month)
  • Senior Specialist (Php 28,681 per month)
  • Portfolio Manager (Php 79,128 per month)
  • Policy and Governance Specialist I (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Senior Deputy Sheriff (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Junior Technical Assistant (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Junior Specialist (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Junior Executive Assistant (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Junior Auditor (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Senior Member Service Representative (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Corporate Executive Officer III (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Social Security Officer V (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Corporate Executive Officer V (79,128 per month)
  • Senior Specialist (Php 28,681 per month)
  • Trader III (Php 60,673 per month)
  • Junior Technical Assistant (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Senior Executive Assistant (Php 28,681 per month)
  • Senior Administrative Assistant (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Corporate Executive Officer IV (Php 60,673 per month)
  • Social Security Officer IV (Php 28,681 per month)
  • Bookkeeper (Php 16,622 per month)
  • Senior Communication Analyst (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Senior Human Resource Analyst (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Accountant (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Corporate Executive Officer I (Php 25,253 per month)
  • Senior Engineer (Php 28,681 per month)
  • Senior Computer Operator (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Junior Communication Analyst (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Attorney II (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Attorney III (Php 60,673 per month)
  • Legal Researcher (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Senior Investigator (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Junior Investigator (Php 18,622 per month)
  • Junior Actuarial Researcher (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Supervising Medical Specialist IV (Php 60,673 per month)
  • Senior Analyst (Php 22,052 per month)
  • Supervising Medical Specialist III (Php 40,869 per month)
  • Junior Nurse (Php 18,622 per month)
  • Fingerprint Specialist (Php 18,622 per month)
  • Human Resource Specialist (Php 28,841 per month)
  • Social Security Officer III (Php 28,841 per month)

View the PDF below for the Job Description, which includes the job summary, place of assignment, and other details:

Executive Plantilla Vacant Positions and their Monthly Salary

  • Senior Vice President (Php 116,943 per month)
  • Vice President (Php 98,306 per month)
  • Department Manager III (Php 79,128 per month)

All Requirements such as Experience, Education, Training and Eligibility can be found in this PDF Document. If you are looking for Executive Plantilla Vacancies (i.e Department manager, Vice President, Senior Vice President, etc..,) you can click this PDF File.

How To apply SSS Hiring 2022?

  1. Convert accomplished Application Form and Notarized Personal Data Sheet and all supporting documents you wish to submit in separate PDF Forms: e.g. Application Form.pdf, PDS.pdf, Training.pdf, Cert. of Employment.pdf, Cert of Eigibility.pdf,Transcript of Records.pdf; etc.
  2. Create Applicant Folder with your name as folder/file name. e.g. JUAN DELA CRUZ
  3. Create sub-folder with vacancy code of position being applied for as sub-folder name. e.g. 20ARF0001
  4. Attach PDF copies of the forms and all documents in the sub-folder.
  5. Email your Applicant Folder in Zipped form to [email protected] with Subject: Your Name and Vacancy Code
    The [email protected] is the official SSS mailbox for external applications, please do not send to other email addresses.
  6. Kindly print and keep two original hard copies of the notarized Personal Data Sheet with Work Experience Sheet as these may be required for submission later.

For Full Details of online application – Click Here

All applications will be accepted until January 12, 2022

Source: Social Security System

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